Morning news roundup: election, housing, labor, youth detention

Last week’s election continues to dominate the news coverage of the City Council. The latest vote tally shows the District 1 race to be a dead-heat, with the candidates separated by only 6 votes. Seattle P-I, Cascadia Advocate.

Jon Grant conceded the Position 8 race to Tim Burgess yesterday in a combative letter that could have easily been ghost-written by Kshama Sawant. He takes credit for pushing Tim Burgess (whose name he still apparently can’t bring himself to say) to the left, and calls himself “the de facto 10th City Council Member in 2015 .” The Stranger, Seattle Times

Also, Indian Country Today has a profile of Debra Juarez, the first Native American to be elected to the Seattle City Council.

In non-election news, discussion continues about the “grand bargain” with developers on affordable housing.

The Stranger has an article on the Seattle labor movement and how it affects companies such as Lyft and Uber. This is in the context of Council member O’Brien’s efforts to allow “sharing economy” workforces to unionize.

Yes! magazine has an article on the pushback against youth detention, in the aftermath of the Seattle City Council’s resolution in September to try to end juvenile incarceration.