This week at the City Council: budget decision time

This week the City Council is heavily focused on getting the 2016 budget done. With few exceptions, everything else has been cancelled.

The 9:30 Monday morning council briefing should be brief indeed: they have a short update on the 2016 legislative agenda, and nothing else.

At 10:00 the Budget Committee convenes for the big action of the week: approving individual changes to the Mayor’s 2016 budget proposal.

The 2:00 Full Council meeting should also be short. There is only one piece of legislation on the agenda: a straightforward lease of building space at Magnusen Park.  Of note, the Introduction and Referral Calendar has several pieces of legislation that reflect the outcomes of the recent election: setting up a fund for election vouchers, and the necessary paperwork for the voter-approved tax levy increases.

Immediately after the Full Council meeting, the Seattle Park District Board will hold a public-comment session on a potential increase to the parks property tax levy.

The Public Utilities and Neighborhoods Committee meets Thursday at 4pm. The agenda for the meeting has not been published yet.


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