Monday morning news roundup

A potpourri of news and op-ed coverage of the Seattle City Council this morning.

The Capitol Hill Seattle Blog has an in-depth look at Council member Kshama Sawant’s election win earlier this month, how it compares to her previous election win (which is admittedly an apples-to-oranges comparison given the switch to district elections) and what it  means for her legislative agenda.

The Stranger has an op-ed urging the City Council and the Mayor to pass an ordinance giving city workers 12 weeks of parental leave.

Vox has an analysis of Seattle’s new election voucher system and ponders how we’ll know whether it’s working.

MyNorthwest has an op-ed looking at how much power progressive activists have in Washington state, and suggesting it is disproportionate to their overall representation in the state, suggesting “The people who show up to city council meetings are activists and the only people council members tend to see are these types of people.”

In case you missed it, Seattle’s $15 per hour minimum wage got a hat-tip in the Democratic presidential debate on  Saturday — though as the Christian Science Monitor reports, the debate was on how many other  cities could afford to replicate it.