Thursday morning news roundup: mixed bag

A veritable potpourri of City Council news coverage today.

Seattle Globalist covers yesterday’s march on City Hall by Uber and Lyft drivers, as well as taxi drivers, demanding the right to unionize. They were joined by Council member O’Brien who has sponsored legislation that would allow unionization by drivers.

Seattle Medium has an article discussing concern over the Washington state Department of Corrections’ contract with a private prison company to house overflow prisoners in their Michigan facility. Seven Council members signed a letter to the DOC and Governor Inslee¬†expressing their concerns.

MyEverettNews discusses the plan to give released prisoners from the Snohomish County Jail a bus voucher back to Seattle (if that’s where they originated). The plan is raising red flags in Everett.

Telecom industry media are covering the City Council’s decision not to fund a municipal broadband pilot. Telecompaper has coverage, as does DSL Reports.