Tuesday morning news roundup

This morning’s news covers yesterday’s budget approval, election results, and municipal broadband.Multiple outlets reported on yesterday’s final haggling over the 2016 Seattle city budget and parental leave, including The StrangerCapitol Hill Seattle Blog, and Crosscut.

Nextcity has an article about the aftermath of last week’s defeat of a proposal to pilot municipal broadband. Poor timing for CenturyLink to have an outage, as GeekWire reports.

Capitol Hill Times reports on the planned expansion of the Convention Center. A proposal to lid I-5 as part of the expansion will come before the City Council in December.

The conservative American Enterprise Institute published a report claiming that restaurant jobs in Seattle have dropped in 2015, bucking the statewide trend of increases. They blame the increase in the minimum wage.

The Seattle Times has an op-ed from former City Council member Jim Street discussing the record amounts spent by PACs in the recent election, including $790,000 directed at the City Council election alone.