Council briefing 11/30/15

The Council walked through the pending legislation coming up for vote this afternoon in the full Council meeting.


Council member Bagshaw noted that the changes to the Pike Place Historical Commission come up for approval this afternoon, and since her committee’s last meeting (where it was controversial) they have achieved buy-in from all of the stakeholders — with one small amendment to reduce the number of members from 13 to 12 to achieve a better balance.

The Council welcomed new Council member Gonzalez.

Council member Rasmussen discussed a proposed letter to the Landmarks Preservation Board from the Council recommending the approval of the Franklin Apartments building (at 4th and Bell), built in the early 1900’s and largely in its original state, as a historic landmark. Rasmussen noted that the Franklin building provided affordable housing for single women during the early history of the city. Council member Harrell raised the question as to whether it was appropriate for the City Council, which makes final approval of landmark designations, to be advocating to the landmarks board. Rasmussen responded that both the city ethics office and the city attorney have said that this is appropriate and that there are prior precedents.

Council President Burgess distributed an amendment to the 2016 Legislative Agenda, to be considered this afternoon, to add building reinforcement for geologic events.

Council member Bagshaw brought up the parental leave “dust-up” that happened last week and discssed the follow-up she is doing from it, including investigating the option of a state-wide insurance pool to pay for employees to take family leave (including to assist with elderly or disabled family members, as well as children). She posted on her blog about this approach last week. (Council member Sawant was not present at the council briefing this morning to respond).