Full Council meeting recap

This afternoon the Council met in their usual Monday session. It was Council member Gonzalez’s first full Council meeting.

Meeting details



The Council approved their 2016 Legislative Agenda, with a small amendment to add support for assessing geologic hazards and informing the public of the results.

They approved three new historic landmark designations:  the Pacific Science Center, Town Hall Seattle, and the Schoenfeld Building.

They then took up an ordinance to modify the Pike Place Market Historical Commission. This bill was the result of six months of negotiation with the existing Commission and other stakeholders; council member Godden noted that when working with the Market there is never just two opinions on an issue; there are usually six or seven. They adopted one amendment to change the composition back to 12 members (it is currently 12, but the bill would have changed it to 13). The amended ordinance was approved 8-0.

The Council approved the sale of a surplus property in Lake Forest Park next summer (giving a group of citizens the opportunity to try to raise funds to buy it so they can protect it).

They also approved a plan to lease, acquire or condemn a property on Marginal Way to replace SPU’s current Charles Street site. During the public comment session, an attorney for the owner stated that the owner opposes its sale to the City, claiming it violates the industrial zoning for the land. In the committee discussion, the city staff noted that the owner was willing to sell it for much higher than the assessed value. The council approved it 8-0.

There were several other minor real estate and development related items that the Council passed without disagreement.

The last item was an update to the committee assignments for the next month, since new Council member Gonzalez has replaced¬†former Council member Okamoto. There are no changes other than to pass Okamoto’s assignments on to Gonzalez.