News roundup: SODO arena, SPD, Sawant’s book

This morning there’s news about police accountability, the SODO arena plan,

The Stranger reports on the ongoing struggle to strengthen civilian oversight for the Seattle police department, including a judge’s insistence that any proposed legislation must be approved by him before it goes to the Seattle City Council. Seattle Times also covers the issue. reports on the ongoing controversy of staffing for the Seattle Police Department. The City Council recently refused to approve new positions while they waited for a long-promised study. Now the head of the police union claims that the report is done but is being held because the good folks at City Hall don’t like what it says.

Sonics Rising reports that the Mayor’s Office has sent a 65-page report to the City Council along with a proposal to vacate part of Occidental Avenue to allow for the arena construction.¬† The Seattle Times and KING5¬†also have coverage.

Council member Kshama Sawant is writing a book, though its publication date just got pushed back, The Stranger reports.