News roundup: guns and change

The city’s new tax on guns and ammunition, and the legal challenge to it, leads the news this morning.  KOMO reports on a hearing in King County District Court yesterday in which the NRA and two other pro-gun organizations argued that the city’s new tax on guns and ammunition, set to go into effect January 1, is an illegal attempt to regulate guns. The NY Daily News also has coverage. Judge Palmer Robinson will rule by Tuesday.

KING 5 has interviews with departing City Council members Jean Godden, Nick Licata, and Tom Rasmussen, with looks back and key moments in their tenures on the Council.

licata godden rasmussen burgess

Seattle Times has an article on the demographic changes to the City Council, which — along with the shift to district-based elections — will likely change the set of issues that the Council is willing to address.

The Christian Science Monitor has a thoughtful piece on the sharing or “gig” economy, and our lack of deep understanding of its underlying economic model.