News roundup: out with the old, in with the new

With the City Council in recess until next Monday things are pretty quiet, but the big December issues (Uber/Lyft drivers union, gun violence tax, upcoming changeover in Council makeup) are still generating coverage.   Capitol Hill Seattle Blog analyzes the upcoming Council committee assignments and tries to read the tea leaves for what it means to individual Council members’ agendas — and likelihood that they will be successful.

Puget Sound Business Journal and Seattle Times report on a letter that five City Council members sent to UW Hospital urging it to negotiate a fairer contract for new doctors.

GeekWire reports that Lyft is hiring engineers in Seattle as it expands its local engineering office — despite the city’s recent move to allow Lyft and Uber drivers to unionize. Also, the Washington Post lists among its top five tech events in 2015 Seattle’s move to allow Uber/Lyft driver unions.

KING 5 has a discussion with a couple of political pundits about the upcoming election cycle that touches on what 2016 might bring for the new Seattle City Council. has an opinion piece railing against Judge Palmer Robinson’s ruling last week that Seattle’s gun-violence tax on guns and ammunition is legal.