News roundup: homeless encampments, minimum wage

This morning’s news coverage touches on expected announcements from the city about homeless encampments for people living in their vehicles, including RV’s.

The C is for Crank claims that today the Mayor will announce an emergency order creating homeless encampments for RV’s in Ballard and Delridge.  She also has the transcript of an interview with Council member Mike O’Brien that mostly focuses on the homeless crisis and the backlash from angry citizens — much aimed at him.  KING5 and Seattle Times also report on the effort to establish RV encampments.  UPDATE: here is the announcement

MyNorthwest reports that in light of the city’s minimum wage more restaurant owners are abandoning tipping in favor of a flat service charge — and how it may end up paying restaurant workers less.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog highlights upcoming legislative efforts to change zoning in order to encourage more backyard cottages, and two open house sessions hosted by council member Mike O’Brien in the coming weeks. KING5 also has coverage.