News roundup: workers’ rights and bike share

This morning’s news covers the ongoing debate about the ailing Pronto bike-share program and discussions about workers’ rights.

Next City reports on last week’s Sustainability and Transportation Committee meeting discussion of Pronto, the city’s money-losing bike share program which is in need of a bailout by March. And the Seattle Times has an editorial arguing that the city should abandon it.

The Sacramento Bee reports on how workers are being treated in the “gig economy” with a shout-out to Seattle for its recent ordinance allowing Uber and Lyft drivers to unionize.

KING5 covers the discussion brewing in the City Council on how to protect workers’ rights to “secure scheduling.”

With the scheduling of public hearings on the public street vacation for the proposed SODO arena, SB Nation lays out what happens next.

KING5 reports that the Seattle Housing Authority is praising the city’s work to clean up unauthorized encampments along Yesler Way.

SeattleMet covers last weeks’ committee hearing on the response to the homelessness crisis.