This week: it’s all about the committees

All the fun is in the committees this week.

Monday morning’s Council Briefing will feature another weekly update from the Office of Intergovernmental Relations on the current legislative session in Olympia.

In Monday afternoon’s full council meeting, the Council will vote to approve collective bargaining agreements with several unions representing city workers, and the building energy benchmarking and tune-up bills that were passed out of the Energy and Environment Committee last week (plus lots of position appointments).

The Introduction and Referral Calendar contains a number of items:

Tuesday morning’s Planning, Land Use and Zoning Committee Meeting begins the quasi-judicial hearing on the proposed Swedish Health Services expansion of their Cherry Hill campus which is strongly opposed by the surrounding community. There will also be a pre-briefing on another quasi-judicial proceeding about to begin: appeal of a re-zoning request for a low-rise residential building.

Tuesday at noon, the Gender Equity, Safe Communities and New Americans Committee will be briefed on the Department of Human¬†Resources’¬†Workforce Equity Action Plan, a working group that will be looking at several issues related to workforce equity and by July 1 is expect to come back with a recommendation on extending parental leave to 12 weeks.

Tuesday afternoon, the Sustainability and Transportation Committee will once again take up the proposed acquisition of the ailing Pronto bikeshare system. They will also consider a new King Street Station lease for Amtrak.

Wednesday morning the Affordable Housing, Neighborhoods and Finance Committee meets; the agenda has not yet been published, but the Pacific Place Garage bill on the Introduction and Referral Calendar will likely be on it.

Wednesday afternoon the Education, Equity and Governance Committee meets and will hear a report from the Department of Education and Early Learning on their Racial and Social Justice Initiative. This will be the first briefing by Dwane Chappelle, the recently-confirmed Director of the department.

Thursday morning, the Parks, Seattle Center, Libraries and Waterfront Committee meets. The agenda has not yet been published.