News roundup: Pronto vote, Chamber of Commerce lawsuit, housing levy

Three big topics in the news this morning: the corrected vote on the Pronto bikeshare system, the Chamber of Commerce’s lawsuit against the city over allowing Uber drivers to unionize, and the Mayor’s proposal for the housing levy.

Curbed and Seattle Times both report that the Sustainability and Transportation Committee actually voted 4-2 this week to recommend approval of the proposal to acquire the ailing Pronto bikeshare system, rather than the originally-reported 3-3 tie. I covered this as well.

PC Magazine, The Stranger, Raw Story, Business Insider, and Reuters all report that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce filed a lawsuit yesterday again the City of Seattle over the city’s recent ordinance giving Uber and Lyft drivers the right to unionize.

Seattle P-I, MyNorthwest, and West Seattle Blog report on Mayor Murry’s proposal, submitted to the City Council yesterday, to double the housing levy in order to fund affordable housing.  The San Diego Union-Tribune covers the ongoing controversy over Uber drivers’ wage woes and the fight for their right to unionize.

Seattle Weekly reports on the huge spike in PAC money in last year’s City Council elections.