News roundup: Pronto, SDOT, and Kubly

Just when you thought that the Pronto bikeshare system would be out of the spotlight for a little while, it’s back with a vengeance.

KING5, MyNorthwest, and the Seattle Times all report that Scott Kubly is the subject of an ethics investigation for his ties to the company contracted to run the Pronto bikeshare system, and for potentially lying about The Pronto system’s current membership numbers.

MyNorthwest also analyzes what it actually cost to purchase the Pronto system. And Queen Anne and Magnolia News has an editorial on the work ahead for the city in reviving and expanding the bikeshare system.

Seattle Times has an editorial welcoming Larry Weis as the new CEO of Seattle City Light and praising his pragmatic management style.

ACHR News covers Seattle’s new building energy efficiency ordinances.

The Stranger discusses how Bernie Sanders is taking Seattle’s progressive political culture to the rest of the country.