News roundup: ST3, tree cutting, and more

Lots of debate about how to punish the homeowners who illegally cut 150 trees in a greenbelt.

West Seattle Blog has ongoing coverage of the illegal tree cutting in the Duwamish Head greenbelt, as the investigation continues and people begin to discuss both how to punish the offenders and how to restore the greenbelt.

Council member Rob Johnson and King County Council President Joe McDermott co-wrote an op-ed piece for Seattle Met stating their support for the ST3 plan –with a handful of changes.

International Examiner has a letter from the family of Donnie Chin expressing their support for renaming the International Children’s Park after Chin. The issue will come before the City Council shortly.

Seattle Weekly has an article describing the 1970’s roots of Seattle progressivism.

Seattle Times reports on efforts to get Chris Hansen to sign on to a cooperative scheduling agreement with CenturyLink Field and Safeco Field before the City Council votes on vacating Occidental Avenue for construction of the SODO Arena.