News roundup: NCIS, SODO Arena, and pretty much everything else

After a few days’ dry spell, everyone’s writing about the City Council again…

KHQ, MyNorthwest, KIRO7, and KING5 report on Monday morning’s presentation on the NCIS billing and customer information system for SPU and SCL that is running late and $34 million overbudget.

SBNation, KING5 and Curbed cover yesterday’s committee hearing on the proposed street vacation for the SOD Arena.

The Stranger reports on the Council’s efforts to create a prescription drug disposal program in the city.

The Stranger also covers the idea of creating a safe injection site in Seattle, which is being considered by the Public Health and Human Services Committee.

Seattle P-I discusses the Council’s proposed regulation on the tour-bus industry which would prevent drivers from providing live narration.

SeattleMetĀ  and The C is for Crank write about the city’s efforts to create affordable housing, and dual meetings earlier this week on the Housing Levy and HALA recommendations.

Seattlish writes on the city’s pilot program to provide sanitation services to some unsanctioned homeless encampments, an idea pushed by Council member Lisa Herbold.

The Stranger reports on San Francisco’s recent passing of an ordinance to help fund six weeks of paid parental leave, and notes that the City Council is looking at a family leave policy for city employees.

SeattleMet notes (at the end of the article) the high turnover rate of employees in the City Council’s central staff.