News roundup: Arena, Kubly ethic probe, homeless issues, and more

News coverage is all over the map this morning.

The Stranger has an in-depth look at the city’s homeless sweeps in practice. RealChange has further commentary.

Seattle Weekly has a look at the well-worn path of trying to sift out criminals from among the poor (and in Seattle’s case, the homeless) without labeling all poor people as criminals.

RealChange reports on a proposal to host a tent city for the homeless on UW’s campus.

The Stranger reports on Council member Lisa Herbold’s attempts to preserve the city’s existing affordable housing and protect it from gentrification.

SeattleMet, Seattle Times and MyNorthwest (here and here) have coverage over the ethics probe aimed at SDOT Director Scott Kubly.

Crosscut covers two as-yet-unfulfilled promises that Mayor Murray has made for increased funding: staffing up the Office of Labor Standards, and adding another 200 police officers to SPD’s staff.

KGW reports on the ongoing debate over the SODO Arena, and Crosscut has an op-ed piece arguing against the Arena proposal.

West Seattle Blog looks at the debate over what to do with a house adjacent to Cove Park in West Seattle.

On a lighter note, Grist reports on the creation of a “city planning game” so that we can all experience the messy business of trying to design an urban paradise.  Rob Johnson probably has it on pre-order…