News roundup: Office of Labor Standards, NCIS, police reform

Yesterday’s Council hearing on funding the Office of Labor Standards made the news this morning, along with the troubled NCIS utility billing system, police reform, and more.

KIRO7 and The Stranger report on the underfunded Office of Labor Standards and the Council’s discussion yesterday of how to fund an increase in its budget.

KING5 covers the new SPU and SCL new billing system, NCIS, that has run a year behind schedule and $43 million over budget.

Crosscut reports that true police reform, codified in legislation, is one step closer to reality in Seattle.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog has an article looking at the Seattle 2035 Comprehensive Plan.

SB Nation continues the discussion of how to find a way forward in bringing the Sonics back to Seattle.

People’s World takes issue with Council member Kshama Sawant’s “Bernie or Bust” support for Bernie Sanders.