News roundup: Misogyny, Samantha Bee, AirBNB, ST3, and unreinforced masonry

A little bit of everything this morning…Samantha Bee’s show, Full Frontal, did a piece on the offensive, misogynist response to the SODO Arena vote two weeks ago. Seattle Times,  Seattle Met, Truthdig, Deadspin, and Vox also report on her piece. In the meantime, Crosscut points to the long history of misogyny in Seattle politics and suggests that’s why there has only been one female Mayor in the city’s history.

Seattle Times posted an editorial arguing that the city should regulate AirBNB — carefully.

West Seattle Blog reports on the City Council’s recommendations to the Sound Transit board regarding ST3, and what it might mean for a light rail tunnel to West Seattle.

MyNorthwest ponders whether the recently-enacted gun tax is misguided.

Seattle Times and The Urbanist cover the Council’s final vote yesterday to approve an amended (and heavily conditioned) new master plan for Swedish Health Services’ Cherry Hill campus.

Emergency Management, and MyNorthwest all report on the problem of unreinforced masonry buildings and their likely collapse in a major earthquake.

Seattle Bike Blog critiques the city’s proposed implementation of the city’s Bicycle Master Plan, and notes public protest activity planned before this afternoon’s hearing.