Notes from this morning’s Council Briefing: Seafair!

A handful of interesting notes from this morning’s Council Briefing, which featured a presentation on Seafair.

Council member Johnson noted that this Thursday his Planning, Land Use and Zoning committee will be taking up, and possibly voting on, the confirmation of Sam Assefa as Director of the Office of Planning and Community Development.

Council member Bagshaw is finishing off this morning a resolution on the city’s plan for the I-5/Duwamish Greenbelt unsanctioned homeless encampment, better known as the “Jungle” in order for the Council to formally adopt it this afternoon. Council member Herbold asked for it to be shared with the public before the Council meeting.

Herbold is circulating a proclamation to the Council members declaring June as LGBTQ Pride Month in Seattle.

Council member Burgess noted that his Affordable Housing, Neighborhoods and Finance Committee tomorrow will take up again the ordinance establishing tenant protections against rent hikes for properties that fail to meet building codes. He, Herbold and Sawant all have amendments that will be considered, and they will likely vote on a version to send to the full Council next week.

Council member Gonzalez announced that her Gender Equity, Safe Communities, and New Americans Committee meets next week and will hear about the controversial plan for the new North Precinct police headquarters building.

Steve Crandall and Richard Anderson presented to the Council this morning on the plans for Seafair this summer. They began by pointing out that Seafair is a year-round organization that organizes 75 events annually for 2 million participants; they have 1500 volunteers and 160 corporate partners.

For this summer’s Seafair weekend, they are working on an improved transportation plan, including bicycles and better shuttles to and from transit  and parking locations. They will also have an enhanced music element, and better food.

This is the 75th anniversary of the United States’ participation in World War II, so they have arranged a flyover with a large contingent of WWII era airplanes.  It’s also the 100th anniversary of Boeing, so expect that will be celebrated as well.

They are also planning for next summer, when Seattle will host the World Speed (water) Skiing Championships; they have arranged for the finals to be over Seafair weekend on the hydroplane course.

Anderson and Crandall made a point of emphasizing affordability of their event, almost all of which are free to the public. For Seafair Weekend, they noted on Friday — which people generally think of as a rehearsal day, but is basically the same as Saturday and Sunday — admission is free.