NCIS goes live this weekend (part 1 of 3)

This coming weekend, while we are enjoying the Labor Day holiday, Seattle City Light (SCL) and Seattle Public Utilities (SPU)  plan to finally launch their late, over budget NCIS billing and customer service system.

This is the first installment of a 3-part series looking at NCIS, the new customer service and billing system for Seattle Public Utilities and Seattle City Light. This post looks at what will happen during the rollout, what the utilities’ customers will see, and what happened over the last six months to get to this point.

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Take the Department of Neighborhoods survey

In a follow-up step to the Mayor’s announcement that he is discontinuing ties to the Neighborhood District Councils, the Department of Neighborhoods has posted a quick survey to gather statistics on how residents want to receive information from city government.

You can take the survey here.

One can assume that this isn’t the only outreach the Department of Neighborhoods will do as it figures out how to replace the DC’s. The questions it asks in the survey are a start, but the issues run much deeper. More than anything else, this survey will serve to provide supporting evidence that ethnicity and language are two other dimensions of “community” that aren’t represented by the current geography-based structure.

This week: quiet

The City Council wraps up its August recess this week, so no meetings, but as we learned last week several Council members are still in town and shaking things up behind the scenes.

If the Mayor makes any announcements this coming week we’ll probably hear a Council response, otherwise expect it to be quiet until things resume after Labor Day.


Homeless advocates propose new ordinance on homeless encampment sweeps

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This morning I posted a piece on the Council’s new strategy of defining a “cause of action” for people suing the city in order to drive police accountability. At the end of the article I suggested that the Council might see fit to use the same approach to stop homeless sweeps.

This afternoon, five groups who advocate for the homeless proposed exactly that — and much more.

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