Secure scheduling ordinance passes out of committee

This morning the Council put its finishing touches on the secure scheduling ordinance, sending it off to next Monday’s full Council meeting for final adoption.

After another lengthy public comment session, the Council got down to the work of reviewing ten additional amendments on top of the nine from last week. Seven passed through easily, one (number 7) passed over the objections of Council member Sawant, one (number 9) was withdrawn, and one was tabled until its author (Council member Juarez, who was not present today) has an opportunity to speak for it — though there was strong sentiment against it today and it likely won’t be adopted.  So barring any last-minute amendments on Monday, the version passed out of committee by a 5-0 vote (essentially guaranteeing it a majority next Monday) is the final version.

Monday’s full Council vote will be the culmination of over six months of hard work by Council members Herbold and Gonzalez to usher this through, as they pulled stakeholders from both sides to the table for lengthy discussions and brokered difficult compromises.