News roundup: move-in fees, and more

Yesterday’s vote on the move-in fees cap headlines the morning news.

The Stranger, KIRO, KOMO, Seattlish, and the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog all report on yesterday’s Council vote yesterday to send the move-in fee cap legislation back to committee for more work.

The Urbanist covers more broadly the happenings at yesterday’s Council meeting.

SeattleMet looks into the movement by Queen Anne residents to try to block the city’s loosening of rules on backyard cottages.

MyNorthwest reports on whether the DOJ endorses the pending ordinance on homeless encampments.

KING5 reports on the effort to build a monument to the “ramps to nowhere.”

The West Seattle Herald has an op-ed taking a critical look at the City Council’s recent moves.





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      1. Okay, thanks.

        I was going to comment to say be wary of comments such as the following:
        “change SCL’s approach to load forecasting; lately its retail forecast has been consistently high, which has led to revenue shortfalls”
        While the two are (typically) related, they are are not the same. And this is to say be wary in not only your making such a comment, but also form SCL reports within that domain. Remember that there can be misaligned goals (“The reality right now is that reductions from conservation are larger than increases from the city’s growth” in addition to “…they have committed to low and predictable rates, and they want to hit an average of 4.4% across the six-year period”).

        Also be wary of the following:
        “At some point in the future, further conservation reductions will become increasingly difficult to find, and the load will bottom out. The question is when we hit that point.” As, per SCL, that may be in a more distant future than some would imagine. e.g.:

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