News roundup: homeless strategy, bike share

One year ago today, the Mayor announced a State of Emergency related to homelessness in Seattle.

Seattle Weekly and Crosscut mark that anniversary with a discussion of what’s happened over the last year and how the city’s strategy for responding to the homeless crisis has evolved.

Seattle Times and Seattle Bike Blog both look at the proposal for a next-generation bike-share system, and test-drive the new electric-assist bikes.

RTO Insider reports on the Council’s approval of Seattle City Light’s baby steps toward joining California’s Energy Imbalance Market.

West Seattle Herald covers the budget proposal to expand the 13th Year Promise program.



  1. I’ve just discovered this site. Thanks for your great work. Very informative and factual. You must be present at all the CC meetings. How do you keep from running up and choking some people?

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Sometimes I’m there in person, but frequently I watch from home. Quite frankly, I usually get more frustrated with the public comment sessions than with the Council members themselves.

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