Looking back over the year: the wonky posts

I’ll admit it: some of the most fun I’ve had over the last year has been digging into some of the lengthy reports and PowerPoint slide decks that governments are so good at generating, and answering the question “What’s really going on?”

Here’s a collection of some of my favorite, wonkiest write-ups from the first year of the site.

A war of words over the minimum wage hike

Dissecting the AirBnB economic impact report

Making sense of Seattle’s housing data

Lies, damn lies, and labor statistics

A deeper look at the Berkshire report on police staffing

Where the NCIS billing IT system went wrong

SPD overtime audit report

Minimum wage impact study report

SDOT vs. Port of Seattle throwdown over the SODO Arena traffic impacts

Is there lead in Seattle’s drinking water?

Council members file their annual financial disclosures

Understanding the Mandatory Housing Affordability program

Understanding paid family leave

Understanding the proposed Airbnb regulation

Understanding recycling and plastic bag ban

Understanding the solid waste rate increase

The Department of Parks and Recreation