This week in Council Chambers

Here’s a summary of what the Council is up to this week.

Monday morning, the Council meets for its weekly Council Briefing. There are no presentations on the agenda.

Monday afternoon the Council holds its weekly Full Council meeting. There is only one item on the agenda: a final vote on the proposed soda tax.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar includes the following items of note:

  • 24 appointments to a variety of boards and commissions;
  • an ordinance requiring the city to add voter registration information to the packet of information that landlords are required to give to all new tenants;
  • an ordinance renewing a skybridge permit at Virginia Mason Medical Center;
  • a 3-month extension to SDOT’s pilot program giving ORCA cards to some low-income residents on Capitol Hill while they search for a sustainable source of funding to continue the program long-term;
  • an ordinance updating the city’s Transit Classification Map, i.e. the streets where buses are allowed to operate.

Tuesday morning, the Planning, Land Use and Zoning Committee meets. On its agenda:

  • the proposed MHA upzone of the Chinatown/International District, and a companion resolution. Committee chair Rob Johnson expects to pass both out of committee during this meeting;
  • a briefing on the 2017 update to the Equitable Development Initiative workplan;
  • a proposed update to the Residential Registration and Inspection Ordinance and the Seattle Building and Maintenance Code.

Tuesday afternoon, the Full Council meets briefly to approve a bond issuance for improvements to the drainage and wastewater system.

Tuesday afternoon’s regularly-scheduled meeting of the Sustainability and Transportation Committee has been moved to Friday morning. The agenda hasn’t been published yet, but will likely include the previously-mentioned skybridge permit, the change to the Transit Classification Map,  and the extension to the residential ORCA Card program for low-income residents.

Wednesday morning, the Affordable Housing, Neighborhoods and Finance Committee meets. The agenda includes:

  • four more appointments to the Community Involvement Commission;
  • approving sale of a vacant city-owned property;
  • presentation of the Senior Housing Program Annual Report;
  • presentation of the 2016 Multifamily Tax Exemption annual report;
  • presentation of the 2016 Housing Levy report.

Wednesday afternoon the Affordable Housing, Neighborhoods and Finance Committee meets again in a special meeting to discuss the Seattle Youth Commission.

Wednesday afternoon the Education, Equity and Governance Committee meets. The agenda has not been published, but will likely include reviewing appointments to the Seattle International Affairs Advisory Board and the Community Technology Advisory Board.