Tuesday news roundup: Murray, 23rd Ave, and elections

The debate over whether Mayor Murray should resign continues.

SeattleMet, Crosscut, The Stranger, Northwest Public Radio, KING, Q13, MyNorthwestKIRO, KOMO, Patch, Erica Barnett, and West Seattle Blog all report on the ongoing debate, within the City Council and wider, about whether the Mayor should resign.

Seattle Times, The Urbanist, KUOW and Crosscut cover yesterday’s Council vote up upzone three areas along 23rd Avenue in the Central Area.

Fox Business and GeekWire discuss the resistance to Seattle’s recently passed income tax.

MyNorthwest and Erica Barnett report on comments made yesterday morning by Council members regarding jaywalking laws.

And in election news:

  • SeattleMet profiles candidate Hisam Goueli.
  • The Stranger looks at the ramp-up of IE’s in the Council campaign.
  • West Seattle Blog reminds you that tonight the Delridge Neighborhood District Council hosts a Council candidate forum.