Thursday news roundup

As the August 1st primary approaches, election news is heating up.

The Nation looks at Seattle’s Democracy Vouchers program.

The Stranger and Erica C. Barnett look at the controversy over Council candidate Jon Grant’s departure from the Tenants Union, and the accusations leveled by one of his challengers, Sara Nelson.

SeattleMet has profiles of three candidates: Teresa Mosqueda, Mac McGregor, and Jon Grant.

The Stranger reports that the city is rolling out a program to provide legal aid for some people facing evictions.

Council members Herbold, Bagshaw and O’Brien published an op-ed arguing for developer impact fees.

Seattle Weekly ran an editorial arguing that we shouldn’t worry about rich people leaving Seattle because of the new income tax.

AP reports on the Mayor’s new directive to close the loophole in the city’s minimum wage law allowing employers to pay people with disabilities less.