Comment on the city’s proposed backyard cottages rule changes

Last December, the city’s Hearing Examiner ruled that the city needed to perform an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) before it could proceed to enact changes to the rules for mother-in-law apartments and backyard cottages (aka ADUs and DADUs). The city is now moving ahead with the EIS process, and you have your first opportunity to provide input.

The first phase is “scoping” of the EIS. Here’s the city’s description:

At the start of the EIS process, we invite the public to comment on what we should study during a specific scoping period. The scoping period alerts us to areas of concern early in the process. During this period, the public helps us identify topics that need the most thorough review and the range of issues we should study.

They are accepting input now through November 1st. You can submit comments online through this web form, or by email.

Full information about the ADU EIS process can be found here.