Durkan appoints more department heads

In a press release today, Mayor Durkan rolled out more announcements of department heads who are staying on, as well as two that are resigning.

Gone are SDOT Director Scott Kubly and Office for Civil Rights Director Patricia Lally. Durkan named Interim Directors for both departments (Goran Sparrman at SDOT and Mariko Lockhard at SOCR), and noted that she would conduct a national search for Kubly’s replacement at SDOT.

Some department heads continuing on:

  • Dwayne ChappelleĀ  as head of the Department of Education and Early Learning;
  • Fred Podesta will continue as Director of Financial and Administrative Services;
  • Catherine Lester as Director of Human Services;
  • Steve Walker as Director of the Office of Housing;
  • Cuc Vu as Director of the Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs.

Also, Rebecca Lovell will continue on at least for now as Acting Director at the Office of Economic Development (replacing Brian Surratt who recently resigned).

Once appointed, the new permanent Directors of SDOT and SOCR will require confirmation by the City Council; however, none of the continuing Directors will.