Council announces head tax task force members

This afternoon the City Council announced the members of its Progressive Revenue Task Force, i.e. the group tasked with looking at a proposal for instituting a head tax or tapping into other progressive revenue sources.

It had previously been announced that Council members Lisa Herbold and Lorena Gonzalez would co-chair the task force, along with co-chairs from the community. Those co-chairs are:

The other task force members announced today are:

To recap the representation:

  • three business representatives: Eisenberg, Mathews, and Mejia-Ledesma.
  • six homeless service providers: Adams, Coak, Daugaard, Little, Malone, and O’Toole.
  • two labor representatives: Coak and Grad.
  • two affordable housing providers: Mathews and Winkler-Chin.
  • two “subject matter experts:” Wilson and Winkler-Chin.
  • four political advocacy group representatives: Harris-Talley, Daugaard, Wilson, and Mejia-Ledesma.

The task force is expected to hold its first meeting in early January, and to provide a report to the City Council by February 26.



  1. Would any of those task force members have pay the head tax? It doesn’t look like it.

    1. by a show of hands yesterday, three of the task force members claim to represent organizations that are likely to pay the head tax.

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