Notes from today’s Council meetings

Here’s what happened at the Council Briefing and Full Council meetings today.

This afternoon, the Council voted unanimously to approve the expansion, redevelopment and lease extension for the Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park.

The Mayor, City Attorney, and City Council members have all signed a letter to Seattle’s state legislative delegation in support of abolishing the state’s death penalty. A bill to that extent had a hearing in the state Senate this morning.

Council President Harrell said this morning that he is working on some proposed changes to the Council’s procedural rules, which he expects to bring forward in the next couple of weeks.

Harrell also mentioned that the candidate interviews are complete¬† to replace Sue Tanner in the Hearing Examiner’s office, and he expects to have recommendations for finalists shortly.

Council member Sawant’s committee meeting tomorrow will include a “know your rights” presentation for renters conducted by SDCI, and a briefing on the Equitable Development Initiative.

Sawant also mentioned this morning that she is still working on her resolution in opposition to the proposed liquid natural gas plant in Tacoma.

Council member Mosqueda noted that the annual One-Night Count of homeless persons in King County will be conducted this Thursday night.

Council member Gonzalez’s committee meeting Wednesday morning will feature:

  • a presentation from the City Attorney’s office on the domestic violence firearms forfeiture program;
  • a report from the Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs on its 2018 priorities;
  • the Office of Police Accountability Director’s annual work plan.

Gonzalez also recapped last week’s meeting of the Progressive Revenue Task Force, and announced the launch of a new web page for the task force.

The Office of the Waterfront updated the Council this morning on the timeline for the massive waterfront construction project. The viaduct demolition is expected to begin in January 2019, after the new SR99 tunnel opens. This year, the city expects to complete formation of a LID for the waterfront community to provide for additional funds, and an operation partnership agreement with the Friends of the Waterfront. The entire project is expected to be complete by 2023.


  1. Wait, what? When was it announced that Sue Tanner is leaving?

  2. Lost in the pre-Christmas rush. I have spent so much time covering stuff in the H/E chambers, it’s hard to imagine without her steely presence. Anyway, thanks. No West Seattle angle so I have no reason to cover but it’s good to know …

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