Monday news roundup

I hope you all had a good weekend… let’s get to the news.

Seattle Times reports that city leaders are realizing 911 is not the best approach to handling homeless emergencies.

The Sightline Institute looks at who votes in Seattle local elections.

GeekWire has a list of recommendations on how to make Seattle more tech-friendly.

Seattle Times covers the slow progress on the design of the Northgate pedestrian bridge.

The Urbanist has a suggestion for where the city could place new housing developments — and old white guys aren’t going to like it.



  1. “old white guys aren’t going to like it.” What an insulting and unnecessary comment. What if you took an article with a contrary perspective and added “young black women aren’t going to like it”?

    The Urbanist article is about golf courses on publicly owned park land, and it makes some good points. Seems to me a better answer to the exclusionary nature of that use of public park land is to changes it’s use back to publicly accessible open space, not converting it to housing.

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