Wednesday news roundup

Bike racks and Facebook, still.

SeattleMet, The Stranger, Seattle Times, and KOMO report that the city has agreed to remove bike racks that were installed to prevent homeless people from camping in those locations.

The Stranger, Seattle Times, and ThinkProgress cover the city’s claim that Facebook has not complied with requirements to disclose data on campaign ads purchased on its platform.

Curbed reports that the state legislature will not be lifting its ban on rent control this year.

West Seattle Blog looks at what in store for West Seattle under SDOT’s proposed Pedestrian Master Plan 2018-2022 Implementation Plan.

Erica C. Barnett covers the escalating war between Council member Sawant and the Human Services Department over this year’s RFP-based funding for homeless services.

Government Technology discusses Seattle’s role as an emerging leader on data privacy.