Wednesday news roundup

While the focus is on the “other Washington” again this morning, here’s what’s happening with your local City Council.

The Seattle Times reports that there is a deafening silence on the future of the Seattle streetcar expansion as the deadline for a consultant report passes.

Crosscut reports that Seattle City Light’s rollout of new digital meters is overbudget.

The Stranger has a column on the people living in RV’s in the Bay Area, and what it means for Seattle as its own community of people living in RV’s grows. It’s not just about homelessness: it’s also about impossibly long commutes when the affordable housing is too far away.

Erica Barnett reports on yesterday’s Council briefing on the Human Services Department’s first-quarter results for its homelessness response.




  1. When I compare the fear map and the crime map what jumps out to me is the fact that every area with a big discrepancy between fear and crime is directly adjacent to a high crime area. I would posit that the discrepancy is all about exposure to high crime some distance from home and then subsequent fear of it spreading.

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