Notes from today’s Council meetings

The big debates today were around Council member Sawant’s two bills that she introduced this afternoon. But here’s what else happened.

Council President Harrell noted that his committee meeting tomorrow morning will feature a second discussion and a public hearing on the proposed SODO Business Improvement Area expansion. He expects the vote will be “sometime in September.”

Council member Juarez announced that Friday’s scheduled meeting of the Select Committee for Civic Arenas will be cancelled, and instead Council members will be offered 1:1 briefings with staff on the three “transaction documents” under negotiation with OVG. on September 7th there will be a meeting where issued will be identified, and on September 14 they will likely vote the agreements out of committee and send them to the full Council for final approval on September 17th.

Council member Mosqueda  said that her next committee meeting will be on August 16th. At that meeting they will take up the conversation on human services provider wages that was bumped from the last committee meeting. They will also discuss Seattle city Light’s work on an update to its Integrated Resource Plan, and hear a presentation on Seattle City Light HR and workplace issues.

This afternoon, the Council voted into law an ordinance establishing data privacy protections for Seattle City Light’s AMI digital meter program.

The Council also approved historic landmark protections for Key Arena and the nearby Bressi Garage, giving OVG clarity in its design process for renovating the Arena.




  1. There was a HALA committee meeting also (the entire Council), discussing the Race and Social Justice (RSJ) review of the MHA EIS.

    1. Yes, I know. I haven’t watched it yet. There was enough to do already today without that, and since the MHA legislation is stuck in neutral until the EIS works its way through appeal, there isn’t really a rush.

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