Police officers union approves proposed contract

This afternoon it was announced that the Seattle Police Officers’ Guild has “overwhelmingly” approved a new proposed contract with the city.

The Mayor’s Office released a statement this afternoon commending SPOG members for approving the contract. Police officers have been working without a contract — and without a raise — since 2014.

The details of the  contract have not been officially disclosed yet, but will be in the coming days when the Mayor transmits the contract to the City Council for its approval. The Seattle Times  cites anonymous sources as to specific details of the contract.

Assuming the Council approves the contract, it will need to be submitted to Judge James Robart, who oversees the implementation of Seattle’s 2012 consent decree. Robart has withheld his approval of the city’s 2017 police accountability legislation until he can be assured that the terms of a new SPOG contract would not interfere with the provisions of that legislation.