This week in Council Chambers: a big week

Not a lot of meetings this week, but some of the ones that are scheduled are a big deal.

Monday the City will be observing the Veterans’ Day holiday.

Tuesday morning’s Council Briefing includes an executive session so the Council members can discuss with city attorneys pending litigation. Originally, it included a public briefing and an additional executive session on the Mercer Megablock, but those sessions were subsequently cancelled.

Tuesday afternoon’s full City Council meeting includes a much-anticipated vote to approve the controversial tentative contract with SPOG, the police officers’ union.  The Council will also vote to approve the city’s agenda for the upcoming state legislative session in Olympia.

Tuesday afternoon (after the Council meeting) the Seattle Parks District Board, which consists of the nine Council members, meets to approve next year’s budget.

Wednesday the Council will spend the full day formally assembling the 2019-2020 city budget, starting with the Mayor’s proposed budget, layering on top of that its own “balancing package,” and then finishing off with any last-minute amendments. Expect Council member Sawant to take one more run at a big additional allocation for affordable housing, which is unlikely to pass (and might not even get consideration if she can’t get enough of her colleagues to support putting it on the agenda). Other than that, the final amendments should just be tweaks around the edges.