Wednesday news roundup

Public service announcement: make sure to rake the leaves off the storm drains in your neighborhood, to prevent flooding.

Now here’s the news.

The Stranger, Patch and MyNorthwest continue the reporting that Council member Sally Bagshaw will not run for re-election next year.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog covers a District 3 “town hall” meeting that Mayor Durkan held recently, where candidates for next year’s Council election was the topic that no one wanted to talk about.

Crosscut has an op-ed arguing that Seattle should “ditch the nasty” in next year’s Council elections.

The Seattle Times, the Seattle Medium, and KING report on the city’s announcement yesterday that it is asking the Seattle Municipal Court to vacate 208 old, low-level misdemeanor arrest warrants.

Erica C. Barnett reports that SDOT is continuing to miss its targets for building out the city’s bike network, and might be backtracking on its commitment to the controversial 35th Avenue NE bike lanes.