Wednesday news roundup

The Council’s work on the MHA legislation tops the news this morning.

The Urbanist, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, Erica Barnett, and West Seattle Blog all cover this week’s Council committee meetings walking through potential zoning amendments to the MHA legislation.

The Seattle Times and the Urbanist report on the Council’s update to the transportation “level of service” standard in the land use code.

Seattle Weekly looks at the Council’s legislative agenda for eviction reform.

Q13 and KING report on the city’s efforts to get authorization to use automated camera enforcement in keeping intersections and transit lanes clear.

Capitol Hill Times notes the Council’s recognition of 100 years of labor history in Seattle.

KING and The Stranger give us the latest election news.

Erica C. Barnett reports on the planning work for a regional authority to respond to the homelessness crisis.

Capitol Hill Times previews tomorrow evening’s annual MLK Unity event.