Council updates plan for filling vacancy: moves public forum, won’t select finalists

Yesterday the City Council announced an update to their plan for filling the vacant District 4 seat on the Council.

Due to “a scheduling conflict due to a religious observance,” the public forum originally scheduled for tomorrow evening has been rescheduled for Monday, April 15th, at 5:30pm. Same location: the Bertha Knight Landes room in City Hall.

The original plan, announced by Council President Harrell on March 21, said that at the full Council meeting on Monday afternoon the Council would be selecting “a short list of finalists” from the eligible candidates. A spokesperson for the Council has confirmed that they no longer plan to do that: all thirteen candidates are invited to participate in the public forum Monday evening, and in the special Council meeting Wednesday evening at 5:30pm when each will have the opportunity to give a 3-minute presentation and answer questions from the Council members.

The Council still plans to vote to fill the vacant position at its regular 2:00pm Council meeting on Monday, April 22.

You can read the applications from all thirteen eligible candidates here.