Friday news roundup

Finished reading the Mueller report? Here’s what’s going on in local politics.

Seattle Times has a pair of stories (here and here) looking at congestion pricing downtown.

MyNorthwest reports that before it passed a local income tax, the City Council’s own lawyers told them it was illegal.

Crosscut says that the new Denny Substation will have a lot of extra capacity when it opens because growth in power consumption has fallen far short of projections.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog looks at proposed legislation related to sidewalk cafes.

West Seattle Blog and Erica Barnett give us the latest election news.

Crosscut reports that a bill funding opioid treatment in the state was amended to prevent funding to jurisdictions that host safe consumption sites.

Erica Barnett updates us on what’s happening (or not happening) with the confirmation of Jason Johnson as HSD Director.


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