Tuesday news roundup

More election news as we head into the prime season for candidate forums, and more.

KING and MyNorthwest report on yesterday’s Council hearing on the arena redevelopment project.

The Seattle PI, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, Seattle Bike Blog, and Seattle Transit Blog bring us the latest election news.

Grist looks at how Minneapolis and Seattle arrived at different places in their efforts to change residential zoning laws.

Crosscut writes on the effort to preserve Seattle’s tree canopy.

Erica C. Barnett reports on changes to the Navigation Team’s priorities.



  1. Why didn’t you link to the original Philip Kiefer article on Grist about zoning in Seattle and Minneapolis? The articles have different headlines on the two sites, indicative of different orientations…

    https://grist.org/article/seattle-zoning-density-minneapolis-2040/ (Splash: “The YIMBYs are coming for your single family neighborhood”)
    https://nextcity.org/daily/entry/a-tale-of-two-upzones (Headline: “A Tale of Two Upzones”)

    Burying a NextCity url under “Grist” is misleading (literally).

    1. It certainly wasn’t to try to mislead. It’s a bunch of work to pull this together every morning, and I do the best I can under time and work constraints.

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