Wednesday news roundup

In case you slept through Tuesday, we had an election. People have a lot to say about the results this morning. Catch me at noon on KUOW, and I’ll have a few things to say as well.

The Seattle Times (here, here and here), MyNorthwest (here and here), Crosscut (here and here), KUOW (here and here), The Stranger, KING, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, South Seattle Emerald, West Seattle Blog, The Urbanist, and Erica Barnett all have election coverage.

Meanwhile the Seattle Times and MyNorthwest report that the Seattle Libraries Levy is passing easily.

GeekWire looks at a news study comparing the cost of living in U.S. cities.

Patch and West Seattle Blog covers the Mayor’s proposal for a new tax on heating oil to encourage conversion to electric heating.

MyNorthwest updates us on the Center City streetcar planning.

The Urbanist looks at the effort to write a Green New Deal for Seattle.