This week in Council Chambers

It’s the last week before the Council recesses for the remainder of August. If you are planning to attend Monday afternoon’s Council meeting, I recommend bringing food and water, because it’s going to be a long one.

Monday morning’s Council Briefing has no special presentations scheduled.

Monday afternoon’s full City Council meeting will include final votes on:

  • The veto override of the ordinance further restricting the use of Sweetened Beverage Tax revenues.
  • A resolution calling for an end to the U.S.’s boycott and embargo against Cuba.
  • A resolution and ordinance enacting the “local option” sales tax.
  • an ordinance authorizing $9 million to continue planning the Center City Connector Streetcar.
  • A resolution defining Seattle’s Green New Deal.
  • A resolution docketing potential 2020 amendments to the city’s Comprehensive Plan.
  • An ordinance establishing a “code reviser” position to clean up minor technical issues in the Seattle Municipal Code.
  • An ordinance authorizing grants from the city’s Technology Matching Fund.
  • Five budget adjustment ordinances.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar includes the following pieces of new legislation:

  • Council member Juarez’s resolution on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls;
  • A tenant rights ordinance restricting a landlord’s ability to limit the number of persons residing in a rental units;
  • A tax on heating oil;
  • An ordinance authorizing the sale of the Mercer Megablock (as announced last week);
  • A resolution requesting SDOT develop a budget proposal for creating on-street bike and e-scooter parking.

Tuesday morning, the Civil Rights, Utilities, Economic Development and Arts Committee meets. On its agenda are three tenant-rights bills and three informational briefings:

  • an ordinance changing the city’s rental property regulations to conform with recent changes in state law;
  • an ordinance exempting victims of domestic abuse from liability for damage done to a rental property by the perpetrator;
  • an ordinance restricting a landlord’s ability to limit the number of tenants who can occupy a rental property;
  • a briefing on a study of the social impact of the arts;
  • a briefing on SPU’s 2018 Waste Prevention and Recycling program;
  • a briefing on every-other-week garbage collection, specifically around what other jurisdiction do.

Tuesday afternoon, the Human Services, Equitable Development, and Renters Rights Committee meets. Wednesday afternoon, the Finance and Neighborhoods Committee meets.The agendas for the meetings have not yet been published (and one or both might get cancelled).

Thursday morning at 9am, the Housing, Health, Energy, and Workers’ Rights Committee meets. On its agenda:

  • Seattle City Light’s new solar energy program for midsize companies;
  • authorization for Seattle City Light to join the Western Energy Imbalance Market;
  • public comment and amendments to Council member Mosqueda’s four hotel workers’ protections ordinances.

It’s not on the official calendar yet, but Council member O’Brien is planning to schedule a meeting of his Sustainability and Transportation Committee for Friday at 10am. On the agenda will be a briefing and discussion of the Mercer Megablock sale.