Thursday news roundup

The Mayor comes to the aid of Uber and Lyft drivers, students won’t get an excused absence tomorrow, and much more.

The Seattle Times, KING, Crosscut, The Stranger, Puget Sound Business Journal, Curbed, GeekWire, Seattle Transit Blog, and West Seattle Blog all cover the Mayor’s proposal for an increased tax on Uber/Lyft rides and a minimum wage for drivers.

The Seattle Times, Seattle PI, MyNorthwest, Q13, KING, The Stranger, and Capitol Hill Seattle Blog cover the dust-up between the City Council and Seattle Superintendent of Schools Denise Juneau over whether students participating in tomorrow’s Global Climate Strike will receive an unexcused absence (they will).

KING and KUOW catch us up on what’s happening with the Mayor’s proposal for dealing with “RV Ranching.”

The Stranger looks at the meaning of the Council’s resolution related to oil drilling in ANWR.

KING covers the city’s pending condemnation of the old Cannery building in Pioneer Square.

The Seattle Times looks at a pending bill to expand the number of permitted “tiny home” villages and enhanced encampments in Seattle.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog brings us election news.

The Seattle Globalist writes that the city employees’ retirement fund has investments in both fossil fuel companies and private prison companies.

The Urbanist looks at what’s happening with the plans for a light rail station in Ballard.