This week in Council Chambers: heads-down

The Council wraps up its initial round of budget information sessions this week.

Monday morning at the weekly Council Briefing, there are no preosentations but there will be an executive session for the Council to discuss pending litigation with the city’s attorneys.

Monday afternoon at the full City Council meeting, there are scheduled final votes on:

  • five tenant-rights bills:
    • restricting a landlord’s ability to limit a tenant’s roommates;
    • relieving a tenant experiencing domestic violence from liability for damage done by the perpetrator;
    • an update to the notices that a landlord must provide to tenants;
    • requiring landlords to accept non-electronic forms of payment;
    • requiring landlords to register with the city’s RRIO before issuing a notice to terminate a tenancy.
  •  an ordinance approving two Seattle City Light pilot programs related to new rate structures;
  • an ordinance updating Seattle City Light rates charged in Burien;
  • an ordinance updating SCL and SPU emergency assistance programs for low-income customers;
  • an ordinance transferring two former SCL substation properties to the Office of Housing to be used for developing affordable housing;
  • a resolution requesting SDOT to develop policy options on sidewalk maintenance and enforcing snow and ice removal on sidewalks by private property owners;
  • a resolution requesting SDOT to develop a traffic signals policy;
  • a resolution requesting the city to develop an “Infants at Work” pilot program.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar includes the following pieces of new legislation:

The usual committee meetings are cancelled this week, replaced by budget meetings.

Wednesday morning and afternoon, the Council will meet to wrap up presentations on the Mayor’s proposed budget, with session on “cross-cutting” issues that hit multiple departments, including homelessness. The exact schedule for the Wednesday sessions has not yet been published.

Thursday evening at 5:30pm, the Council will hold a public hearing on the 2020 budget.

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