This week in Council Chambers

The Council begins discussing budget issues this week.

Monday morning’s Council Briefing includes interviews of 21 youth appointments to various city boards and commissions as part of the “Get Engaged” program. The Council will also hold an executive session to discuss pending litigation with city attorneys.

Monday afternoon’s full City Council meeting will include votes on the Get Engaged appointments. The Council will also take a final vote on a rezone application increasing the height of a commercial parcel in South Seattle.

This weeks’ Introduction and Referral Calendar has the following two new bills:

  • a resolution setting the public hearing for a street vacation petition;
  • a resolution urging voters to approve Referendum 88 next month.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday the Council has tentatively scheduled morning and afternoon sessions to discuss issues  (i.e. things they’d like to change) with the Mayor’s proposed 2020 budget. Council members were required to submit issue statements by last Thursday in order to have their issues discussed this week.  If past precedent holds, issue discussion likely won’t take three full days, so don’t be surprised if some of the meetings get cancelled.