Budget issue discussion topics announced

This morning, Budget Chair Sally Bagshaw circulated a schedule of topics for the budget “issue identification” hearings schedule for this week and early next week.


Wednesday morning, October 16:

  • General Fund Balancing Analysis;
  • Department of Construction and Inspections;

Thursday morning, October 17:

  • Office of Housing;
  • Homelessness (encompassing multiple departments);
  • Human Services Department;

Thursday afternoon:

  • Department of Education and Early Learning;
  • Office of Civil Rights;
  • Office of Economic Development;

Friday morning, October 18:

  • Department of Transportation;
  • TNCs;

Friday afternoon:

  • Continuation of TNCs from the morning session;

Monday afternoon, October 21:

  • Criminal Justice, including the LEAD program;
  • Seattle Police Department;

Tuesday morning, October 22:

  • Miscellaneous issues not covered in previous sessions.

A detailed agenda for each committee meeting will be published by the City Council 48 hours prior to the meeting, and the supporting materials for a topic will be published by 6:00pm the evening before the meeting where the topic is scheduled.

Once the issue ID discussions are complete, there will be a second public hearing on the 2020 budget on Tuesday evening, October 22. Council members will then submit their proposals for changes to the 2020 budget (aka “green sheets”) by 2:00pm on Wednesday, October 23rd.

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  1. Kevin, do you know if we have to wait until Sunday evening to receive materials for Monday? Or is it business day vs. calendar day. I think it is unfair to release such far-reaching legislation a few hours before a hearing. I’m concerned that they will again attempt to slash the Seattle Municipal Court budget like they did last year (advocates proposed to cut probation and other services by 80% over 3 years in the 2018 budget cycle.)

    1. They have said that they are releasing materials by 6pm the night before. I would expect that Council staff will be working all weekend to get that done. Keep in mind that this is just issue discussion, not even formally proposed changes to the budget.

      I haven’t heard mumblings about trying to cut the Municipal Court budget again this year, but it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if Council member Sawant proposed it. I don’t think it will get traction, especially with all the “prolific offenders” report attention this year.

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